3-Tank Commercial
Mesa, AZ
200 GPM ECOsmarte Point-of-Entry
Treating: Evap Coolers and Full Facility Water

Schedule 80 Chambers Programmable Controller
Minneapolis, MN
40-60 Ton ECOsmarte Cooling Tower System
Treating: Tower and recirculating process water
Filtration: White Hydroxite in Sand Filter Platform, CO2 Automated pH down feed with manifold switchover for tanks.

Mexico City - Commercial Pool Site
500,000 US Gallons

Mexico Commercial Pool

ECOsmarte Commercial Pool Controllers are running a 500,000 gallon pool in Mexico City with daily bather loads as high as 1500 swims.

Mexico Controllers Mexico Chambers

Three Controllers drive Six Chambers (3 Copper/Oxygen; 3 Oxygen Only).

ECOsmarte offers the best available technology for bacteria and scale control in numerous applications. Cooling towers, evaporative coolers and chillers, process and wastewater recirculation systems and complete point-of-entry treatment systems are available. Multiple manufacturers may be required to properly configure systems and technical personnel are available for timely and firm estimates. Commonly the ECOsmarte programmable system is capable of driving the accessories for TOTAL TREATMENT (including chemicals when needed) from the world class rubber membrane keypad.
Priced from $6750.

Manual POE Controller
Commercial Point-of-Entry Controller
Flow Switch Activated, 20-300 GPM

ECOsmarte Ultra Pure Bacterial Control
For Process Water, Re-circulation

Proprietary power technology allows only ECOsmarte to ionize 20 - 50ppm solid level water.
Ideal for semi-conductor, printed circuit, injection molding and hospitals. Call to discuss how ECOsmarte can improve your water quality. Factory technicians with 6" pipe experience available.


75% Efficient--Lowest Water Usage--750 to 11,000 GPD

Using new technology ECOsmarte is now able to offer commercial quality non-corrosive Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration Pure Water Systems. Best available technology for car washes, humidification, dehumidification, and groceries.

Selecting and installing a Reverse Osmosis (R/O) or Nanofiltration unit to produce high-purity water is now faster, simpler and more convenient than ever. Simply determine your daily pure water flow rate requirements. Then, talk to us. We'll ask the right questions to determine what size R/O or Nano unit is right for your application. And we'll also determine what pre treatment and post-treatment your water needs to optimize your R/O unit's performance (Remember: Nano systems usually do not require pre or post treatment.) We offer Residential units at 1,125 gallons and Commercial units from 750 to 11,000 gallons. Each system employs in terms of best available technology water use and membrane rejection, and delivers conventional pure and soft water (Actual water output is dependent on water temperature).

The major components of our Reverse Osmosis units are produced by Osmonics, a quality manufacturer and industry leader in fluid separation technology. In fact, Osmonics is the only company that both designs and manufactures major R/O and Nanofiltration components that are specifically engineered to work together as a complete unit, allowing Ecosmarte to produce pure and soft water by conventional science definition.

prefilter, conditioner and r/o

ECO R/O-1 1125 GPD 20" x 30" Platform (Pictured)

ECOsmarte's Residential Reverse Osmosis System produces 1 useable gallon of water for every 1 gallon of waste water. R/O System includes a 125gallon Wellmate pressure vessel and two 2.5" pharmaceutical grade membranes with 96% or better rejection. $3995.

ECOsmarte's largest system allows for increased daily capacity. Includes a 125 gallon Wellmate pressure vessel and three 2.5" membranes. $8995 - $10,945.

NEW! ECO-NN-2, 1125 GPD, 20" x 30" Nanofiltration System Requires NO Pre treatment making Nanofiltration a non-salt, pure water treatment alternative to R/O. Built on the same platform as ECO R/O-1 and ECO R/O-2. Ideal for tannin, arsenic, iron bacteria, when calcium hardness is below 24 grains. Nano System includes: comprehensive water analysis and selected Osmonics engineered membranes. $4995

Accessories Available:

ECO-SS1 Demand Salt Softener (ion exchange system) with 1" metered brass valve. Is traditionally used with Well Water R/O applications and may be used in conjunction with ECOsmarte's POE equipment when the feel of the water in the shower is important to one or more family members. Dual ECO-SS1 pictured next to the ECO R/O-1. Controls salt, gallons, and regeneration. Will accept potassium. $1199

Replacement Membranes 2.5" Residential membranes with 1 year factory warranty, 2 year maximum life. ECO R/O-1 requires Three 21" membranes, ($249 each) ECO R/O-2 requires Four to Six 40" membranes ($399 each).

reverse osmosis ECOcommercial: 7200gpd to 11,000gpd

ECOsmarte's Commercial 7200gpd R/O System produces 3 usable gallons of every 4 providing world class efficiency. System includes four 4" membranes and a 3-horse power stainless steel pump. $8995 to $10,945.(5HP avail.) Ideal for all ultra pure and 'spot-free' applications.

Accessories Available:(Can also be used for Residential applications)

  • Food-grade Plastic Holding Tank-280 gallons. $399

  • 20gpm, 60-80psi Repressurization Pumps. $399

  • Wellmate 47gal. Repressurization Tank. $349

  • Wellmate 120gal. Repressurization Tank 40/60 psi-pressure switch. $599

  • We offer a water-saving flow control center, adjustable flow controls, extremely quiet centrifugal pumps, high-quality construction, expandable design, space-saving configuration, optional electrical and hydraulic upgrades and unmatched product and technical support.

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